High chrome ball, low chrome ball, steel ball heat treatment process (2)

An effective and tight combination of pressure processing deformation and heat treatment, the method of obtaining a good strength and toughness of the workpiece is called deformation heat treatment; the heat treatment in a vacuum atmosphere or vacuum is called vacuum heat treatment, which can n

High-end stone market has huge development space

At present, the two major decorative materials in the world are stone and ceramics. Among them, in the field of building decoration materials, the market share of ceramics is the first, and the stone ranks second, occupying an important market share. However, data shows that the current mark

The raw material of diamond is plankton in ancient times?

Ultra-thin cutting chip manufacturers believe that carbon is a common element. Animals and plants, even in the air, contain a lot of carbon. Our body is no exception, and there are also a lot of carbon atoms. The human body contains approximately 18% carbon.
However, although carbon is

Interpretation of graphene in the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics

Carbon is one of the most important elements. It has a unique nature and is the foundation of all life on Earth. Pure carbon can exist in very different forms, either as a hard diamond or as soft graphite. The 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics points to another wonderful face of carbon: graphene.

How to deal with unused pesticide waste

Unused pesticide waste liquid belongs to pesticide waste generated during the use of pesticides. For pesticide waste liquids, effective methods should be adopted for safe disposal under the premise of complying with relevant laws and regulations, generally adopting methods such as deep bur